About Us

Video Game Music Studios was created by Chris Dedrick, who has always had a passion for both music and video games. Chris not only established Video Game Music Studios but also acts as its lead songwriter and producer. Chris has always enjoyed a wide range of both music and video games, so he understands that different video games have different music needs. Music should not only be great to listen to but it should be appropriately customized to the video game in order to effectively highlight the game’s best qualities.

For years, Chris has listened to and been inspired by the soundtracks of his favorite video game music composers. He enjoys Nobuo Uematsu for his expressive and memorable melodies in the Final Fantasy series, Jack Wall for his innovative use of synthesizers in the Mass Effect series, and Jeremy Soule for his epic use of an orchestra and choir in the Elder Scrolls series. In addition to his affinity for video game music, Chris also enjoys playing video games. He likes Super Meat Boy for the adrenaline rush, Dark Souls for its sheer difficulty, and Age of Empires for its complex strategy. Chris brings his passion for both video games and music to Video Game Music Studios to ensure the highest quality of songwriting and music production for every video game.